Whether you need them because you want to surprise a special someone in your life, or if you're looking to build up your own collection, few things scream luxury like diamonds.  It can actually become quite addictive to pick out your favorite cut, find the perfect clarity and have the diamond set in a unique way that totally complements the receiver.  However, the beauty of diamonds often comes at a very high price, and you might find yourself having to cut back on purchasing them.  Don't let expensive costs run you off; use this information to learn more about what you can do to get the best price the next time you buy diamonds.

Look Online... But Not In The Obvious Spot

If you've ever shopped online, you know that there is nearly nothing you can't purchase and have delivered right to your front door.  While there are certainly a number of diamond sellers who sell via the Internet, there's an unlikely place you can visit that might hold the key to helping you get the most amazing deals on diamonds that you've ever come across.  They're known as "Broken Hearts" forums.

Broken hearts forums are designed to serve as a virtual watering hole for people who have had their hearts broken by someone they cared about.  There are different posts where they can discuss the heartbreak with other individuals who have gone through similar situations.

In addition to the therapeutic-type boards, there are also postings devoted to revenge.  A popular way for those who've been heart to get revenge is by selling any trinkets that they may have received from their former loved one at bargain prices.  Some people on the site might be so zealous about being completely done with their former lover that they offer to give away things like diamond necklaces, earrings and rings.  Pay close attention to these forums and watch how quickly you amass a crazy collection of diamonds!

Know Your Pawn Shops

Your search for low-priced diamonds could end up taking you to a vendor that may not be located closely to your house, but who might be offering the kinds of prices that fit well within your budget.  Although the pawn shops in wealthy communities may have a wider variety of diamonds, the prices will likely be astronomical.  Pawn shops in less affluent neighborhoods tend to price their diamonds so that they'll be bought by someone within the vicinity who might not have as much money to spare.

It doesn't have to be difficult to get affordable diamonds.  When you're ready to purchase your next set of diamonds, remember these tips so you can save big. You can also check out places like Rocky Mountain Gold & Silver Exchange.