When you are looking for new coins to add to your collection, one of the places you can go is to coin auctions. At the auction, you will be able to bid on the coins you may want to have. However, you may have a problem getting to some auctions, which is where auction representation comes into play. 

Auction Representation

Auction representation is a service that will let you take advantage of any auctions you want to bid at. The way it works is that you contact an auction representation firm. You give them information about the auction, what you are wanting to get, and what your budget is. If the auction is in an area where they have coverage, they will send a representative out to the auction for you. There are a lot of benefits about using an auction representative to help you with your auction. Some auction houses will offer representatives that you can use as well if you can't find an auction representation firm that you want to work with. 

International Auctions

One benefit of using auction representation is that you will be able to bid at auctions that are out of the country. You can't always fly out to someplace in Asia or Europe to buy the coin that you want, but a representation firm that has international offices or contacts can show up and do all the bidding for you. If you have the winning bid, they will then ship you the coin. If the auction representation firm that you use doesn't have international offices, they may have connections with firms in the city where the auction is being held. 


Another benefit of using an auction representative is that everything is going to be anonymous. If you are the one making the bids, then everyone is going to know who won the coin, which could mean that you would have other buyers bothering you if it was a particularly contested coin. If it's a high-value coin and you already have a high-value collection, letting a lot of people know that you have a valuable coin can make you a target for people who would like to steal your collection. It's harder for anyone to use your winning bid as a way to find out more about your collection if no one knows that you are the one who bought. 

Bidding at an auction to get a new coin for you collection is a good way to get something that you wouldn't normally be able to get. Auction representatives can help you with that.