What would you do if you were unexpectedly arrested for a crime that you did not commit? It would be scary to be locked up in a cell and be unaware of what was happening on the outside. Not knowing what your future holds could also be stressful and intimidating. Being informed about the legal steps to take if you are ever arrested will help you out tremendously. 

Contact a Bondsman

In jail, you have limited access to a phone, so it is important to call someone who will be able to help you out. Notify a family member or another loved one about your predicament and the charges that you are facing. Ask the person who you call if they would contact a bondsman for you.

After your bond hearing, you will be provided with an amount that you will need to pay prior to being released. If the amount is high and it will be impossible to come up with the funds that are needed, hiring a bondsman is necessary. A bondsman will require a portion of the total bail amount and may even allow you or a family member to make payments.

A loved one can provide the bondsman with details pertaining to your arrest, including the jail that you are located in and the amount of your bail. After meeting with a bondsman and paying the required fee, a bondsman will begin completing the steps necessary for your release. 

Hire an Attorney and Fulfill Your Obligations

You will be provided with a date that you will need to appear in front of a judge at your local courthouse. Since you did not commit a crime and are going to need to prove your innocence, hiring an attorney is your best bet. An attorney can prove your innocence by presenting an alibi or witness testimonies. It will take some time for the attorney to gather enough evidence to prove that you are not guilty of a crime. 

Provide your defense attorney with a description of the arrest date, including where you were located and what you were doing prior to the arrest. Give the lawyer any paperwork that pertains to your case, including a ticket or other documents that you received while you were in jail.

It is vital that you attend your court hearing and that you arrive on time and are well-prepared for the event. Your bail bondsman vouched that you would appear as part of the terms associated with your release. As long as you fulfill your obligation to attend your hearing, you won't owe your bondsman additional fees or be at risk of being rearrested due to jumping bail. 

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