After being arrested, individuals may have to post bail in order to be able to leave the jail until their trial date. Fortunately, most individuals will have limited experience with the criminal justice system, but this can leave them ill-informed when they are needing to post bail.

Assumption: Bail Is Always Determined Immediately During Processing By The Jail

One of the most common assumptions that people can make about bail bonds is that the amount of the bond will be determined immediately when the defendant has been booked into jail. In some cases, there may be bail guidelines that the jails will use, but this is typically limited to minor infractions and offenses. For those facing more serious charges, it may necessary for a bail hearing to be scheduled with a judge. Luckily, these hearings will be scheduled as quickly as possible, which may be as little as a few hours or the next day after being booked.

Assumption: A Bail Bonding Agent Will Require Income Verification

Individuals will often think of a bail bond as a type of loan, and this can lead to them being under the impression that they will have to provide income verification to be able to use these services. Yet, this is not actually the case. Rather, individuals will secure a bail bond with collateral. As a result, individuals will be able to be approved for a bail bond regardless of whether they have limited or no income and irrespective of their crest history. In the event that the terms of their release are violated, the bail bond may be revoked and this can cause the collateral to be forfeited.

Assumption: A Bail Bonding Agent Will Take Several Days To Prepare And Submit The Bond

It is an understandable goal for individuals to want to be released from jail as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, some people may think that it will take the bail bond agent up to several days to process and submit their bail bond. In reality, these services are likely to complete this part of the process within hours of a defendant using their services. However, the defendant will be unable to leave jail until the bail bond has been processed. In many jurisdictions, staffing problems such as the local jails may lead to delays in this processing. While this can be frustrating for the defendant, it is important to recognize that there is little that the bail bonding agent can do to speed up this possess other than make sure that the documents are properly completed and submitted to the correct individual. 

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