If you have a teen that you think is selling drugs this will lead to a felony. A felony will follow them all their life, especially for the first several years. This can prevent them from getting a loan for a home, going to college, or applying for a credit card. Before any of this happens below are some tip on how you can handle this situation.

Keep Them in Jail

If your teen is arrested for anything you should not immediately get them out of jail. Instead, let them sit in jail for a few days or even weeks. This will show them what their life will be like if they continue selling drugs and get sent to prison. Expect your teen to be scared and they will likely beg you to take them out so this will be very difficult to do.

Hire a Bail Bondsman

Once you are ready to get them out, contact a bail bondsman in your area. When your teen goes before the court, the judge will set a bail amount that you have to pay to get them out. You will then have to pay a certain percentage of the bail.

You will make a transaction with the bonding agency on behalf of your teen. For example, they will ask for assets that cover the cost of the bail. You could give them cash money, jewelry, or anything else that is worth the amount of money of the bail payment.

Once the transaction is completed, the bail bondsman will go to court and post the bail bond money. The jail will then release your teen to you.

There will be a court date set for your teen to come back to court. If they do not attend, the bail bondsman will send a bounty hunter out to find your teen and put them back in jail. The money you paid the bail bondsman is generally not refundable.

Get Counseling

Your teen could possibly be taking drugs if they are selling them. If so, you will likely see some signs. What you see does depend on the drugs they are taking. In most cases, teens will start doing very bad in school or skipping school a lot. They will likely be very temperamental and not wanting to spend time with family members. You may notice they have a new group of friends. Your teen may have a loss of appetite, may sleep longer than they normally do, and more.

Find a counselor in your area that works with teenagers that have drug problems. Because your teen is under 18 you have complete control over them. This means if they resist going to counseling you can still make them go. In many cases, once they start counseling they will start to see how it will help them.

This process will take a lot of time and you have to be vigilant. It is very easy for someone to step back into that bad lifestyle.