A venture capital partner portal or venture capital reporting system is typically used by a company receiving funds from "angel investors" in order to keep the lights on or in order to take the company to the next level. It's fairly common though for venture capitalists to want to see what they are getting for their money, and that's where the portal or reporting system comes into play. Here are just some of the scenarios where it might be a good idea for your firm to look into setting up an online venture capital reporting portal.

Your Private Company is Trying to Go Public

If your private company is soon going public, you may be legally required to disclose additional information to not just your current investors but to any additional investors who come on once the company is opened up and is moving towards an initial public offering. An online portal where you post quarterly results or more frequent updates can keep everyone interested in supporting your company up to date with the latest information and may also help you comply with government regulations regarding the disclosure of certain information as a public firm.

You Are Seeking New Investors to Assist With a New Idea or Department for Your Business

Maybe you started your private company with your own money or with a handful of private investors who trust what you are doing. But now, your company wants to greatly expand or move in a different direction and you need a fresh infusion of funds from new investors in order to reach your new goals. Setting up a venture capital portal before you begin seeking new investors will put these potential new allies at ease and make it easier for everyone involved in your company to keep an eye on what's going on and make make it easier for you to secure the additional funding you are looking for.

Results in the Past Have Not Been Up to Expectation and You Want to Show Your Progress Going Forward

Maybe some private investors took a chance on you but you have not yet returned their money or returned a profit in the expected time frame. In this scenario, a portal or reporting system that can be accessed online may help assuage any fears among your investors that things are not going well. You can use this private portal to provide more frequent updates to specific investors than you might be giving to the general public. This will help give everyone better peace of mind as you look to right the ship and establish a track record of profits and growth.

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